I recently attend a workshop on procrastinating; it was the usual stuff – nothing surprising. My friend decided to sneak out before the end, so I followed. The workshop did not have the desired effect, but it was the catalyst for a very interesting conversation about what we really thought was happening in our lives.

At dinner afterwards we spoke in length about our personal views of why we have yet to achieve all those goals we often talk about.

The question I asked my friend was – are we really procrastinating or prioritising?

My view is, we action our priorities. I used this example with my friend – whilst we were on holiday together, every morning it was really important for her to have breakfast. I, on the other hand did not care about breakfast, all I wanted to do was explore and find food along the way! Neither approach is wrong, but it is a simple example of where we put our energy.

Another example is, I often see the same drunk woman roaming the streets on my way to work. I’d say her priority in life is drinking and she makes it happen every single day. Yes, it is very likely that she is deeply troubled but that does not take away from the fact that she consciously buys alcohol and drinks it, then proceeds to walk around the streets. This is taking action, with negative results – yes. But it’s still taking action , and it gets her the results she wants. I might add that her clothes always appear to be clean and her hair is well groomed. So what does this tell us? She takes time to maintain a certain appearance; could this be a priority for her? From what I observed, I’d say yes.

Rather than think about why you’re not doing what you think you should be. Maybe consider why you’re doing the things you are.

What in your life right now always gets done, why are these things a priority?

I once heard a story about Richard Branson turning down an opportunity to add some more millions to his bank balance, the reason he declined the offer was because it did not fit into his priorities for that year. This was new to me, people actually turning things down?! Simple but mind-blowing to me.

This year I decided to set three goals for the year and every decision I make – I ask myself is this decision leading me closer to my goals. For those of you who are worried about all the other stuff in your life becoming neglected, do not worry those things will get done but your focus will be on your three main goals. Just because you are focusing on the things in your life which will bring you fulfilment and progress does not mean that your house will not get cleaned or that you will have no food at home. If anything you will notice, you are more productive when you have a clear target. You’ll finally have clarity.

Clarity is really the cure to procrastination. Be clear about what is REALLY important to you and make sure all your decisions contribute to this.

Reflect on your life, what are the priorities in your life?

With love,
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