Today I had a random encounter with someone who asked for my advice about a situation which is extremely challenging and involves many people. I spent about an hour guiding her to find a solution and then stopped because I could see that she felt stuck, stuck in their emotions and the stress of everything that was going on in her life. It was all a bit much, people have their own way of dealing with challenges that they are facing. So I changed my strategy, and said ‘think of one thing right now, that makes you feel happy, it can be anything. If for a moment it changes your state, that’s a good thing.’

Usually my default approach would be to acknowledge gratitude for the things which make you feel fortunate. In that moment I felt talking about gratitude wasn’t going to work, I know some people who struggle with the idea of gratitude. So, my alternative option is thinking of something that creates a good feeling, it could be your favourite show, a joke or a funny memory that makes you laugh out loud every time you recall it.
The objective is to remind you that you can experience something good amongst the challenges, and your feelings are not permanent they can be changed even if it is very subtly. Also, tapping into a moment of ‘positivity’ is a start, next time build on it. You can go from 5 minutes to 10 minutes to half an hour. With some practice a simple state change like this will become second nature.

This is when I realised what I want to get across on this blog, small changes can lead to a huge shift. Even the simple act of thinking of one happy thought can create huge change in how you feel. Fundamentally, we are all driven by our emotions – positive emotions will get you positive results.

Take some time today, to think about something that makes you happy and observe the affect it has on you. I’d love to hear what you came up with in the comments section.

With love,

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